How to Use Dusters to Clean Your Office Like an Expert

The office is a sacred space where we do our best work. Sometimes, when we get buried in tasks and other important things, we forget to clean the office space. Dust, dirt, and clutter can accumulate until we can no longer recognize or appreciate our once beautiful office.

It happens to the best of us. But cleaning the office can be a simple and enjoyable task that you don’t have to stress over.

The first step is knowing which tools to use, where to use them, and how. Do this first step and everything else will come easy. A feather duster is a simple, effective tool that’s been used for a long time. Feather dusters can reach through tight spaces and those little nooks and crannies where hands can’t. Here is how to use a feather duster to clean your office the right way. We’ve also found that using Microfiber Dusters can be even more effective because they attract dust like a magnet.


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The desk houses important paperwork and often a laptop or desktop computer. Make sure everything is out of the way before you start dusting. Then use the duster and make a horizontal sweeping motion to remove the dust and dirt. Finish it off by wiping the desk with a slightly damp cloth and letting it dry before using again.


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Dusting office walls is simple. Make sure your feather duster is clean, and then make a sweeping motion, this time vertically. If you can’t reach the higher parts of the walls, use a sturdy stool or chair to elevate your position. When you’re done, the dust will have accumulated on your office floor, so make sure you sweep everything after you’re done.


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Windows can be one of the more dust-prone areas in the office. They are usually handled by professional cleaning services, in which case you should only dust the inside part of the windows. If not, then open your office windows if you can, and do it carefully. Dust the outside glass in a vertical motion several times, then gently close the windows.


Office electronics are a hotbed of dust and grime. Frequent use and contact with other objects can make them gather dust faster. These are usually printers, scanners, computers, speakers, coffee machines, or other electronics.

Before you dust these gadgets, make sure you unplug them. Then use the feather duster and dust the electronics down all around. Be careful because dust can go into sensitive areas of the machinery which can make them work improperly.

Tight Spaces

It’s inevitable that the spaces in your office where you can’t normally see or reach accumulate dust over time. These neglected spots can cause allergies or colds if not cleaned properly. Clean them by reaching into the tight spaces and sweeping with the feather duster. A good-quality duster will attract the stubborn dust without much effort.

When you’re done dusting your office, make sure you clean the floors with a mop or cloth and some soap. There you have it. When you finish cleaning and dusting your office, you will feel like an expert cleaner. Now you can go back to your most important work. For a more exceptional cleaning experience, contact C and J Professional Cleaning Services!

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