How to Clean Your Office Bathroom in 3 Steps

Your office bathroom is a sacred space. From taking a quick break to doing your business, it’s an important part of your workplace. Despite this, the bathroom is often the most neglected part of the office. Don’t let this happen to you. Clean your office bathroom the right way by following these 3 simple steps.

Check the Tiles

Tiles are notorious for accumulating dirt and mold, which isn’t always visible depending on the finish of your tiles. Check all your tiles and clean each one if needed. To make a simple tile-cleaning solution, get a spray bottle and fill it with half bleach and half water. Spray generously through the area, and rinse with water upon drying.

Wipe Down Mirrors and Windows

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Bathroom mirrors soak up moisture that contains nasty bacteria. To clean mirrors or windows, prepare a damp cloth and wipe the surface down several times. Then use a dry cloth to pat down and dry the glass. Better yet, use a squeegee to get a better cleaning experience.

Maintain Toilets

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The most used part of the office bathroom is the toilet. It often is the dirtiest. Here’s how to clean it. First, flush the toilet to rinse the bowl. Then, wipe down the surface of the toilet with a dry, clean cloth. The next thing to do is to grab a mop and use it to clean the inside of the bowl.
Make sure you clean the underside of the bowl as it can be where most of the dirt and bacteria hang out. Afterward, use another fresh cloth and spray disinfectant on it. Give the toilet a final wiping and you’re done.

There you have it. 3 simple steps to make your office bathroom clean and fresh again. Use these tips anytime you feel like your bathroom can use a little sprucing up.


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