3 Useful Office Spring Cleaning Tips

Winter is nothing but a fond memory by now, as we are in the sweet beginnings of the spring season. We all know what that means. It’s time to clean everything in sight! While your home is the first thing, you’d think about giving a good old makeover, your office is another place that needs and deserves some hard cleaning.

Scroll down to see the 5 handy office spring cleaning tips you need to use below.

Discard What You Don’t Need

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Let’s start with getting rid of all the things in your office that you no longer need. If you didn’t clean your space after New Year’s, this is especially important. Take a look at every little object in your office that doesn’t have a particular purpose. Do you happen to have two staplers? Take one home so you can use it there instead. Do you still have last year’s files all over your desk? Arrange them all and put them away. All these trinkets add up and take precious space away from what truly matters in your office. Take a good, hard look at the things taking up space in your office. And ask yourself as Marie Kondo would: Does this spark joy?

Separate Your Office into Sections

A good office is a purposeful office. If you come to work every day and barely know where all the things are, that’s a sign you should overhaul how you store your stuff. For example, your desk should only be for your computer.

If you have a printer, put it somewhere else so paperwork won’t tend to accumulate on your desk space. Also, have a dedicated shelf to store your files and organize them as you prefer. Assign a space for eating or for relaxing at the end of the day so you don’t do them all at your desk. When you know where one thing begins and ends, it puts you in a better headspace. You’re one step closer to being your best self at work.

Clean Your Digital World

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In the 21st century, your office isn’t just confined to the physical world. Your office is also your digital space. It’s your computer desktop. Your social media accounts. The various documents that will eventually be printed out for use.
When your digital world is organized, your physical world tends to follow it. So, start by organizing your desktop icons. Delete everything you don’t need, like what we discussed above. Make new folders and categories for different files. When you’re done, bask in how good it feels to have a cleaner, more beautiful office. And do your best to keep the good habit of cleaning up. Your future self will thank you for it.

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